Passagem das Horas IV

Não sei sentir, não sei ser humano, conviver
De dentro da alma triste com os homens meus irmãos na terra.
Não sei ser útil mesmo sentindo, ser prático, ser quotidiano, nítido

. Álvaro de Campos in Passagem das Horas .


No começo eu esperava, que viesse alguém, um dia. Um avião, um navio, uma nave espacial. Não veio nada, não veio ninguém. Só este céu limpo, às vezes escuro, às vezes claro, mas sempre limpo, uma limpeza que continua além de qualquer coisa que esteja nele”.

. Caio Fernando Abreu in O Inventário do Ir-remediável .

I’m fine. Really.

Well, let’s see. After you decide that I’m depressed, or whatever, you’ll put me on meds, right? Well I know hundreds of people on them and they’re all doing just fine. Really. I’ll go back to work on my new anti-depressants, have dinner with my parents and persuade them I’m back to being the normal one who never gives them any trouble. And one day some guy will ask me to marry him. He’ll be nice enough. That’ll make my parents very happy. The first year we’ll make love all the time, and in the second and third less and less. But just as we’re getting sick of each other, I’ll get pregnant. Taking care of kids, holding onto jobs, paying mortgages, It’ll keep us on an even keel for a while. Then about ten years into it he’ll have an affair because I’m too busy and I’m too tired. And I’ll find out. I’ll threaten to kill him, his mistress… myself. We’ll get past it. A few years later he’ll have another one. This time I’m just going to pretend that I don’t know because somehow kicking up a fuss just doesn’t seem worth the trouble this time. And I’ll live out the rest of my days sometimes wishing my kids could have the life that I never had. Other times secretly pleased they’re turning into repeats of me. I’m fine. Really.

*Trecho copiado do filme Veronika Decides to Die,
sem tradução!